If you have ever owned, run, or managed a corporate office or professional work environment, you know how important it is to consistently boost team morale and keep everyone connected outside of the office. Having employees who get along and making them feel included and appreciated is crucial to productivity levels and workplace morale. One of the greatest ways to accomplish this is through hosting corporate events often. This allows everyone to stay connected outside of work, bring a better mentality to the workplace that helps with problem-solving, and feel appreciated by higher-ups. Everybody wins! At Rustic Taps & Catering, we are no stranger to hosting a corporate event or lunch that wows everyone at the office. Here are a few recommendations we consider important when planning your corporate event. 


Get Outside! 

There is just something about bringing the team outdoors to enjoy everyone’s company that takes your company gathering to the next level. No matter the season, there is an outdoor solution. If it’s summer, everyone will enjoy the sunshine and warmth. A fall event is perfect to celebrate “sweater weather” and get some fresh air as a team. We have even hosted corporate events with heated huts outdoors in the winter. Get creative, and get outside.


It is time to start socializing again. 

Over the past year, we have grown accustomed to working from home and not being social with our office and coworkers. Although some love this new model, it is heavily weighing on others- and the morale of your whole office. Host an event that will bring everyone together and allow them to socialize again. Not to mention this will allow any new team members who joined you during the pandemic a chance to meet everyone. This will bring the team closer, which in turn leads to better work outcomes. Consider having open tables so people can mingle and move around. Having games available to play is a great way to encourage socializing and break the ice a bit. 


Have it catered. 

Listen, no one wants to pull a burger from a platter that came hot off the grill from a coworker of theirs. Having your corporate event catered is not only way less stressful for you, but much more enjoyable for your staff. At Rustic Taps & Catering, we serve wood-fired pizza made using local Maine ingredients. We have a diverse menu to accommodate a multitude of diet restrictions and taste buds. Who doesn’t love fresh, wood-fired pizza and cold local craft beer on tap? When you hire Rustic Taps, we handle all of the food and beverage needs, leaving you to focus on what is important- spending time with your team! 


Drink tokens are your friend. 

Many companies have budgets when it comes to these corporate events. There is a fine line of wanting everyone to feel appreciated with food and drinks, and having to stick to that budget. Drink tokens are a great way to dance that line if an open bar is not an option. Everyone gets an allotted amount of tokens to trade for beverages, and they can buy their own if they want more after that. Drink tokens is a service we offer at Rustic Taps & Catering- so please don’t hesitate to ask us any questions if you are interested in this option. 


Host your event during the week! 

We are sure you know this already, but your employees value their weekends to spend time with their loved ones and do activities that don’t involve work. Closing the office for the day is a great way to show your appreciation and break up the week for your employees. It is a sweet gesture that can do wonders in making your team feel appreciated and will not hurt company numbers when done only a few times a year. Not to mention catering and event space availability will be much more flexible! 


We could go on and on with suggestions and recommendations, but we feel these are the most important to consider when planning your corporate event. We hope it was helpful and that you are on your way to hosting a company party that your team will love you for. 


Rustic Taps & Catering is here for any and all of your catering and bar needs. Whether it is a small luncheon or a large corporate party, we can help you plan the perfect event. Contact us today to book yours.