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Farm-To-Table Ingredients Grown On Our Own Farm

We are thrilled to share our exciting new venture: a farm on Brackett Road in Gorham, Maine – our brand-new heart and home. What was once a neglected and forgotten plot of land has undergone a complete makeover, and we have big plans for the future of Rustic Taps & Catering.

Our farm isn’t just a place; it’s a revival, a nod to sustainability and the organic way of life. We’ve constructed state-of-the-art greenhouses to grow our own produce, allowing us to provide the freshest and highest quality ingredients for our catering. Looking ahead to the future, we’re aiming to grow most of the produce we need for Rustic Taps & Catering.

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From Earth To Earth With Benson Farm

We’ve teamed up with Benson Farm Earth Products in Gorham, Maine, to bring nothing but the best soil to our greenhouses.

The Benson Family has taught us a lot about the connection between what you invest in your soil and the quality of the food that’s harvested. To put things simply, to have the best crops you need the best soil. That’s why we use Benson’s locally sourced, MOFGA-approved compost free from biosolids, municipal waste, post-consumer food waste, and yard, leaf, and lawn waste.

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Preserving Maine’s Farming History

For centuries, Gorham, Maine, has been celebrated for its beautiful landscapes and fertile fields. From the 1700s onwards, the town thrived on its offerings, including orchards brimming with luscious fruits—especially apples—alongside crops like hay, oats, barley, potatoes, garden vegetables, and livestock. As one of the region’s premier agricultural hubs, Gorham’s local farms once employed numerous residents—a tradition that continues to this day.

While the town has undergone remarkable transformations, evolving into a vibrant college town, Rustic Taps seeks to rekindle Gorham’s deep-rooted traditions. Inspired by the values of unity, meaningful connections, and community nourishment, we’re striving to honor and revitalize Gorham’s spirit through our organic farm. Our focus is not only on creating farm-to-table catering for our incredible customers but also on supporting the town of Gorham as a whole.

Rustic Taps is thrilled to be investing back into the town we love. We hope to honor Gorham’s agricultural heritage and foster a renewed sense of togetherness as we reclaim the vibrant past of the town we love so much.

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