So, you have a big event coming up.  Maybe it’s a corporate shindig.  Maybe you’re trying to organize a fair or an outdoor concert.  Maybe you’re getting married.  Food trucks might not be your first thought for catering these events, but they probably should be.  Food trucks have come a long way in the last decade.  As a result, many people are choosing food trucks for wedding catering and other event catering.  From private parties to corporate retreats, food trucks are making a real mark in the catering world.


There are a lot of reasons to choose a food truck caterer for outdoor events. YOu might choose Rustic taps for our exceptional, all organic woodfired pizza catering or you might be more interested in our range of locally brewed beers on tap.  Even beyond the quality of the food, there are a lot of reasons to choose a food truck to cater your next big event. It’s important to understand that a food truck caterer is fundamentally different from a traditional caterer in many ways.  Let’s explore them.

Food Trucks Are Typically Less Costly

Traditional caterers range from about $35 to $150 per head.  Food truck caterers fall on the low end of that spectrum. At Rustic Taps, we charge $35 per head for top quality woodfired pizza.  Beyond that, you have to consider the various peripheral costs.  A traditional caterer may have a range of fees such as equipment rentals for on-site prep, cleaning fees, and so on.  Most food truck caterers have few of these hidden extra fees.  Typically the less formal air of a food truck caterer makes all the costly optional extras like fancy linens and tableware, multiple courses, and other add-ons unnecessary. It makes most of your guests more comfortable and relaxed, too.

They’re Always Crowd Pleasers

By design and their nature, food trucks are designed to appeal broadly to a lot of different people.  Food trucks need to be able to appeal to people wherever they are in order to be successful. This means that they have to appeal to a wide variety of palates by default.  At Rustic Taps, for example, we offer woodfired pizzas that appeal to the majority of people.  The range of toppings and the quality of our local organic food makes it easy for all your guests to find something they’ll love.

This image shows two members of the Rustic Taps team preparing pizzas in a lineup for guests, as well as a large family style salad for self-service.

The Food Is Really Fresh

Unlike traditional caterers who either need access to an on-site commercial kitchen, or make their food ahead of the event, meaning that many of your guests have reheated food akin to leftovers, food truck caterers bring their commercial kitchen with them.  In our case, we have several vehicles equipped with wood fired ovens, giving that authentic, fresh, made-to-order quality to the events we cater.  For small events, food trucks can typically provide food made to order, eliminating the need for a costly buffet or a very limited menu chosen ahead of time.

Food Trucks Keep Events Feeling Casual

Unlike formal, traditional catering, most food trucks offer a very relaxed vibe and casual dining that puts guests at ease.  Whether you’re having a backyard wedding or a corporate retreat, putting guests at ease is key to encouraging a positive experience and keeping people from putting up their guard.  In essence, authentically relaxed dining keeps people acting authentic.

Cleanup Is a Breeze!

Unlike typically caterers who use fancy plates and silverware, most food trucks offer their customers disposable or recyclable containers for their food.  This means that as long as you have adequate trash and recycling bins, there’s virtually no mess.  This can be especially helpful if the venue you’re renting requires you to clean up, or if you’re hosting a party at your own facility or home.

A Food Truck, At My Wedding? 

This image features a smiling newlywed couple posing next to a Rustic Taps truck at their reception.It’s more likely than you think! Since 2008, food truck catered weddings have become steadily more popular.  The convenience and relative affordability of food truck catering has made them a logical choice for weddings as well as an emotionally gratifying one. While the sky’s the limit depending on what you want at your wedding, food trucks are great for finding a happy medium between quality, comfort, and cost.  It also provides your guests with a really unique experience.  If you’ve ever been to a wedding catered by a food truck, you know just how memorable and impactful they can be. On the other hand, how much does one sit-down formal dinner stand out from another?

Will My Venue Allow a Food Truck?

These days, unless your venue has rules against outside caterers, they probably allow food truck catered weddings.  It’s worth checking with the venue first to make sure, but few venues have rules excluding food trucks unless there are unavoidable logistical issues with doing so.  Some venues, for example, have no way for a food truck to park near enough the event itself to be practical.  

About Rustic Taps

Rustic Taps is a unique food truck event catering company with restored antique trucks adapted into beautiful mobile bars and pizza kitchens.  Our all-organic food and local sourcing is getting an upgrade soon with our own small farm to provide the freshest possible produce to make your next event’s food unforgettable. Book us for your next major event to make it a bit easier and a lot more fun!

This photo shows off the four trucks and one Air Stream trailer in the Rustic Taps fleet.